The Impact of Relationships on our Health

I read a very moving article today called Saying I Love You Without Ever Saying a Word . It was an interesting article that talked about overcoming and understanding the differences between husbands and wives. Suddenly, the light bulb clicked on! I asked myself if a relationship between a husband and a wife was a health issue, and I suddenly knew the answer. You betcha' relationships are a health issue!

Whatever affects us as human beings usually affects our health. If something good happens, our adrenalin pumps and we get excited and start feeling good. This feeling doesn't mean that we are healthy, but it is a contributing factor in our health. A positive outlook is very beneficial to our state of health . If we feel bad for one reason or another it shouldn't necessarily affect our health. If the bad feeling is something that stays with us a long time, or something that re-occurs frequently, that depression can have a direct impact on our health.

Harmonious relationships between married or unmarried partners are something that create good feelings for the individuals in that relationship. If the balance is continued over time, a surplus of "good feelings" will have a positive effect on that person's health as well. The opposite in this case is of course true as well. If our relationships are filled with stress and tension, those feelings can generate problems in many aspects of our health.

When a couple can find what works for them and make acceptable compromises to keep that framework alive, there is usually peace between the partners. If that is your situation at home then let me tell you : brother or sister- you have been blessed! Be sure of it, relationships like that are healthy for the mind and the body.

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