Hungry? Hmm, Let's See What's In The Kitchen...

Have you ever heard the expression that is isn't a good idea to go to the supermarket hungry? Well take it from someone that has gone shopping on a growling stomach only to come out with a grocery cart so loaded down with food that it takes 20 minutes just to unpack it in the kitchen at home - it can cost you. As I sit here writing this blog, my mouth is still drooling from the recipe I just saw for a gourmet vegetarian pizza. I am a vegetarian so when I see interesting simple recipes for delicious vegetarian dishes I send off the page to the printer and pull it out of my bag when I get a chance to to do a little cooking.

I would like to say that as a vegetarian, I am the last person to tell you that you have to stop eating meat. For me, it is the best way to go. You won't find any healthy cooking recipes from webcure including meat not because I am telling you not to eat it. The reason that I won't recommend any healthy cooking ideas for fish, chicken or other types of meat is simply that I don't know anything about it. Sorry. However if you would like to find a few new ideas for making some tasty healthy food for the summer, I have a few things under my hat.

Before I get into food I would like to blog on for a moment about eating. The reason that we want to build healthy eating habits for ourselves and our families is that it creates an environment where we can enjoy food that is good for our bodies. How often have we gazed at the vegetable drawer after someone suggested a salad and said "Na, I don't feel like one tonight. Let's throw something in the micro..." just because you didn't feel like cutting up the vegetables?

Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment please. Let's say that a nice selection of raw carrots, red and yellow peppers, sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and onions had been previously cut and stored in your refrigerator in a plastic box without salt or oil and all you had to do was take them out of your refrigerator and put them on the table and take off the lid. Don't you think that you and your family would find yourselves munching away on much more raw vegetables? Make sure they are the first thing on the table and the last thing to leave. A good piece of carrot can be a great snack after a meal and it will clean out your mouth as well.

In short, upgrade and install. Allow instant accessability to the good foods and make sure that you prepare them in advance. Don't be waiting for the moment when you are on your back in front of the TV before you hear the call "What's do we have in the fridge that is good?" to take out your kitchen knife and start cutting away. Get the stuff ready in advance people!

Wanna do something spontaneous? Take a dish of low fat sour cream, mix it with a little dried onion spice and a dash of salt and hot pepper, make sure you've got big pieces of vegetable cut so they are fun to dip, and spring a surprise health snack on your family that can come become a family tradition. You will get lots of requests asking for more of the vegetables to dip, so prepare ALOT in advance and DO NOT tell them that it is healthy. No reason to make anyone skeptical now, is there? Get ready for a great summer!

Be Healthy,



Anonymous said...


Just last night I had a crazy powerful hankering for fresh tomato drizzled in Olive Oil. Amazing how easily I'm sated with good food.

webcure - For Your Health : said...

I know what you mean! If it has good olive oil in it, it sounds like it is for me!
Gotta go chop me up some more veggies!!