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After a short hiatus, webcure is back and raring to go. Everyone needs a little time off to gain a bit of perspective on everyday life now and then, and it can be very refreshing to take a little breather. One of the first things that I wanted to post now that I am back is a list of things to do with kids over the summer vacation. Being a good parent is much like being an artist, you need to constantly come up with the goods or the critics ( in this case the kids) will eat you alive. I will try to bring in an assortment of great summer ideas, from the very basic up to more advanced things, for you to try with your children.

1. 10 Ways to Make Family Travel More Fun

2. Top 10 Ways to Attract Wildlife to Your Backyard

3. Rainy Day Fun : Outdoor Activities

4. 10 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun

5. 5000+ free printable pages and worksheets for kids

6. End of the Year Activities for Teachers, Parents, and Kids

7. Summer Vacation : Disabled Children are Natural

8. Downloadable Printable Activities

9. Building a Home Playground Set

10. Top 10 recommended summer reading lists

Webcure is wishing all of you a great summer. Take it from me, if your kids are enjoying themselves, you are usually enjoying yourself too. Plan ahead, it is easier to find interesting things for kids to do if you have some actual ideas. If you didn't save yourself a couple of the great links on the side from this list, you better go back and save a few. Later on, you will thank your lucky stars.

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