Getting Excited About Your Health : You Might Even Enjoy It!

The other day, I overheard a conversation a friend of mine was having with some of her girlfriends. She was telling them excitedly that when she gets her summer vacation time, she wants to go to a few different doctors for them to do tests on her because she feels that something may be dreadfully wrong with her health. She was telling her friends about how her heart would pound sometimes, and she was having some stomach pains. Her legs were aching alot and her feet were swollen, and she felt tired all the time. After her friends left, I sat down for a moment with her and we got to talking. She also mentioned to me that she was feeling pretty worn out, and had pains in her legs. We talked about her health for awhile and I told her that it wouldn't be a bad idea for her to get a checkup from her family doctor. I also suggested to her that it might benefit her if she could invest a little bit of her energy directly into improving her health.

She asked me what I meant, and I was ready to answer her. I told her that I would like to ask her a few questions, and she agreed. Here is what I asked, and these were roughly her answers.

webcure : How is your diet? Do you eat well?

friend : No, I don't eat much. I usually eat something in the middle of the day, but after that I just drink instant coffee with milk and sugar. I don't eat when I finish work usually, I just drink coffee.
webcure : Do you eat many fresh fruits and vegetables?

friend : No, not much. I try to eat salads on the weekends.

webcure : Do you get any aerobic exercise, or do you walk, run or work out?

friend : No, usually when I get home from work, I am so tired and my legs hurt so much that I just don't have the energy to do it.

webcure : Do you smoke?

friend : Yes, I smoke about a pack of cigarettes a day. Not too much at work, but before and after work, and in the evening.

webcure : How much do you sleep at night? Do you get enough rest?

friend : No, not too much. I watch TV in the evening and usually get about 6 or 7 hours of sleep at night.

This woman is a good friend of mine and I wanted to try and help steer her in a new direction. I am sure that after reading this interview you may be able to recognize that some of the symptoms and pains that my friend was feeling might have been brought on by her regard, or possible diregard of her health. I didn't preach to her, and tell her that she should mend her ways. At least not all at once. ;)

I suggested to her that if she was able to get a little exercise, even 25 minutes a day walking briskly or running on a tread mill to increase her heart rate and stimulate her circulation, she would notice the difference. I mentioned that at the beginning, it would be difficult, but that after a week or so, her body would start to adjust to the new routine and it would give her more energy and probably help the pains in her legs.

I reminded her that the rules on nutritious eating that she learned as a kid in school was something she had been ignoring. She knew that she wasn't eating well, but it was her way of keeping her weight down. I suggested to her to start taking some fresh vegetables to work and snacking on them or eating them with her meal. I also told her if she ate something small at home, even crackers and low fat cheese or fruit, that it might give her a little more energy in the evening.

I mentioned that her smoking wasn't doing her any good and that if she didn't want to quit, she might try cutting down on the cigarettes she smoked on the way to and from work. Something small to feel that she didn't need to be walking around constantly with a cigarette in her mouth.

I told her that if she got into bed in the evening and used an (e=mc2) hour of her TV time and turn it into her sleep time, that she would probably feel a little more rested in the morning.

My friend looked at me and said honestly : You're probably right.

No time like the present people...
and remember, keep up the good veggies!

Be Healthy,



tamar said...

webcure, check your mybloglog account, i sent you a msg there the other day :)

(i figured this is the way you'll see this quickest!!!)


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jess8t8 said...

If your friend followed your advice, she would be a lot healthier and no need for a doctor.

She also drinks a lot of coffee. Too much caffeine can also be detrimental to our health especially the heart and nervous system. In fact I'm starting a series of posts in my blog about caffeine.

mike said...

Its just about making a little effort to change your lifestyle. Its so easy to just get in a bad habit.

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