Spreading The Word About A Child : Madeleine McCann

I am not a big television watcher, but I do spend alot of time on the Internet. I usually miss the news on TV but I find time to browse through current events here and there on the web, trying to keep abreast of what is happening in the world. I feel like I am aware of most of the major news breaks, so I was surprised when I found this story on a recent child abduction because I hadn't heard anything about it. I am sure that many of my readers may have seen this story, but for any of those that missed this particular item, I want to provide some details. I think that if I missed the article, maybe others might have missed it as well.


Madeleine McCann and her family are from the UK but she was abducted from her parents vacation villa in Portugal on May 3. She is a young girl, age 4 and her parents are desperate to Help Find Maddie.

Through the personal efforts of scores of Internet users as well as an organized search sponsored by the family, The Official Website to find Madeleine McCann has received over 100 million hits.

Let us now seperate between two issues.

1. I hope that the effort to find this little girl succeeds and she will be reunited with her family as soon as possible. It only takes one person to notice her and put and end to this suffering.

2. I think that this type of web organization, combined with an awareness within the worldwide community to fight the immense problem of child abduction, child molestation and pedophilia, is a big step in the right direction. Recent legislation that forced MySpace to turn over information from all registered sex crime offenders is another step in the right direction. We have got to use everything in our power to stop these types of crimes.

I would like to say one more thing before I finish this post. As my readers know, I attempt to keep a balance between things in life and try not to be extreme on issues. I like to be aware of my own actions and and how they affect both me and my surroundings, but I try not to judge others. I may offer words of advice if I feel that they are asked for or called for, but I am pretty much a live-and-let-live kinda person. If someone's actions bother me or someone around me I am not afraid to speak up, but if not, I tend to flow.

There is one issue for which I have zero tolerance or even less, and that is the subject of child abuse. I allow myself the right to notice anything that smells even slightly fishy on this issue and I keep my eyes wide open at all times. I do not have any patience for those who abuse children and I would go way out of my way if I thought that a child needed help. The subject of child abductions definitely fall into this category. We have heard the stories but they are sometimes hard to grasp. It is hard to understand why someone would be so desperate as to abduct a child, and it is painful watching shocked and terrified parents handle a situation like that. Let us hope that we as a worldwide community may find a way to stop this problem.

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